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Georgia Opens its Borders for Vaccinated Travelers

Foreign visitors are required to show proof of vaccination

Georgia is yet another country to join the list of those who are opening up borders for vaccinated travellers.

According to reports, the country has lifted all restrictions for foreign visitors who are travelling by air as long as they can show proof that they have receivied two doses of any COVID-19 vaccine.

Known for its medieval monasteries, high mountain peaks and wine culture, Georgia plans to give a pass upon entry to vaccinated visitors. Those who have been vaccinated will not be required to undergo testing before arrival.

On the other hand, those who have not been vaccinated will be required to arrive with a COVID-19 PCR test conducted within 72 hours of their departure. In addition, they will be allowed to enter only if they are travelling directly by air from an approved country. Three days after their arrival, a second PCR test will also have to be taken.

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