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Air Ambulance

Patient Requires 
Urgent Care?

For patients unable to board a commercial flight, an air ambulance is the safest travel option. We provide medically-configured aircraft, fully loaded with advanced life support systems and staffed by flight-trained medical personnel, to quickly and safely transport patients to a medical facility more equipped to handle their particular needs.


GEO Air Charters has extensive experience in arranging medical evacuation and medical repatriation services.

We offer a rapid 24-hour response service and can arrange an air ambulance, medevac or medical transportation service for patients and their families, medical care providers and private insurance companies.

Why GEO Air Charters?

Reliability and time frame: In a medical emergency situation, the time frame is an essential aspect of success. Our worldwide experience offers the speed and comfort necessary to make medical travel as effective and time-efficient as possible.

Your personal Account manager: Your dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist with your requirements, from onboard medical equipment needs to last-minute changes to your charter.

Your Privacy: Your privacy is important to us - GEO Air Charters guarantees your privacy and confidentiality, and we’ll work closely with your trusted person on all aspects of your charter.

Your schedule: Fly to the medical center when you need to. We can arrange your connection with commercial flights or flying you on a specific schedule of your choice – the charter to suit your schedule and need.

General Aviation Terminals: Avoid airport queues and unnecessary delays, particularly in a life-threatening emergency. Patient together with medical specialists boarding the aircraft just a few minutes prior to departure.

Access to specific airport: Unlike a scheduled flight, an air ambulance charter can reach remote areas, private and international airports, and often – when using a medevac helicopter – directly onto hospital grounds.

Global coverage: no matter where you want to fly to or from, our international network of medevac operators provides you with local knowledge on a global scale and we can arrange medical flights anywhere in the world.

Cost efficiency: our knowledge and worldwide partners allows us to find you the best private jet charter prices, ensuring you always receive the best aircraft solution.

Choice of aircraft: With access to more than 30,000 aircraft and 100 aircraft types, we source the right aircraft for your air ambulance or medevac charter anywhere in the world.

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