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Sports Charters 

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GEO Air Charters offers a unique solution for the sports industry, including:

Teams: We can book business class seats or charter an exclusive aircraft offering a fully customized onboard experience – including special catering, extra legroom for tall athletes, onboard entertainment.

VIPs: With worldwide access to more than 7,000 luxurious private jets, we can arrange a flight in style to major sporting events across the globe.

Fans: Turboprops and private jets offer a flexible solution for fans traveling to away matches, allowing you to fly to your own schedule and return home straight after the game.

Players & Scouts: Our time-sensitive helicopter and private jet charters offer an effective last-minute transportation solution as the transfer deadline approaches.

Why flying private?

Schedule convenient departure locations and times to accommodate the team’s itinerary, and fly into the nearest airport for quick access to the group’s ultimate destination. Here are some of the advantages a sport team jet charter provides:

  • Team meetings in a private cabin

  • Customized cabin layout 

  • Much less stress than commercial aviation

  • The dedicated charter agent will coordinate details such as catering, team equipment, and departure times

  • Minimize procedures for security checks, baggage claim, and other delays by meeting the aircraft at a private FBO

  • Faster check-ins and transfers

  • Travel as a group, arrive as a group

  • Increased security for high-profile athletes, coaches and VIPs

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