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About us

GEO Air Charters have built their aviation consultancy company on the backbone experience. 

We provide aircraft charter services to our clients globally.


You will discover unmatched peace of mind and simplicity in travel planning with us that will change your expectations from traveling for leisure, business or delivering precious cargo.


GEO Air Charters have the foundations to make sure that your travel plans are handled with experience

Global Coverage

Our on-demand air charter option is ideal for those who are looking to maximize travel time for business or leisure and are not looking for any long-term commitment or membership fees.

Expand your flight options by gaining worldwide access to more than 7,000 aircraft of all categories and enjoy access to empty leg specials on repositioning flights.


GEO Air Charters experience grants you permission to fly past overcrowded terminals and security checks along with the ability to travel on your own time so that you don’t have to worry if your meeting runs a little late. With on-demand air charter, you can enjoy the benefits of private aviation without the headache and financial responsibility of ownership.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Chartering with us is a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Simply contact us at any time and our Private Aviation Experts will be happy to handle the rest, all we need is a 4 hours’ notice to get you on your way.

Our personal account managers will go to great lengths to tailor each request to your specific itinerary, timing and budget.

The experience gained, and the experience we pick up from trading in this industry is now the foundation and backbone to the work ethic of GEO Air Charters .

Value-Added Services

GEO Air Charters can add that little bit more, for important occasions.

You may want total confidentiality and exclusivity. We will work with you whatever your requirements.


Flying private is just that – private and confidential.

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