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Reason N1 traveling on a Private Jet: Flexibility and Comfort

Boarding procedures last only 15 minutes

private jets

Take off and landing times, unlike any commercial flight, can be rescheduled at short notice to suit unexpected longer meetings or accommodate possible changes of plan. Flexibility for passengers is maximal, and it’s not uncommon to reroute to an alternative destination than initially requested.

· Boarding procedures last only 15 minutes from arrival to take off: Passengers fly on a private jet because of the high schedule flexibility ensured by smoother boarding procedures, faster journeys, and no risk of flight disruptions caused by strikes.

· Private Jet Terminals: Once at the airport, private jet passengers don’t share terminals with commercial airline passengers. On the contrary, they head through dedicated private-jet terminals also called Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). At the FBO passengers are welcomed by the desk staff and can usually make themselves comfortable by grabbing a coffee or a magazine on us. Thanks to record boarding times, however, passengers don’t often spend long lounging at the FBO.

private jets

· All transfers are taken care of upon arrival: As the aeroplane hits the tarmac, there is always a limousine, taxi or helicopter ready to escort passengers to their next destination.

private jets

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