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GEO Air Charters becomes a member of the Air Charter Association

GEO Air Charters have proudly have become a member of the Air Charter Assosiation.

The Air Charter Association, founded in 1949, is the leading worldwide trade association for companies and individuals engaged in aircraft charter.

The ACA members maintain the highest standards of conduct and professionalism in the aviation market. We support our members with expert guidance on compliance and best practice, offer bespoke training and unrivalled business networking, and work closely with aviation regulators and government bodies on key industry issues.

The ACA primary focus is on raising and maintaining standards of conduct in the air charter market, and to promote integrity and ethical business practices, so that members can deal with each other (and clients can deal with our members) with confidence. We have more than 250 members across the globe and work hard to deliver the best value to the membership which comprises air charter brokers, aircraft operators and airlines, airports and FBOs, consultants and suppliers working to support the industry.

We are delighted to serve our clients based on the best practices and due diligence to make sure that any operator we engage for a flight or flights is properly licensed, insured, documented and competent, and that the aircraft to be used is airworthy and properly maintained.

As a member of the ACA GEO Air Charters follows the code of conduct to:

  1. maintain the highest professional standards in their day-to-day business activities.

  2. act fairly, reasonably, responsibly, honourably and ethically with each other and with their clients and colleagues, and not knowingly bring the Association into disrepute.

  3. act within the legal and fiscal requirements of the states in which they conduct their business, and in accordance with international law and United Nations agreements.

  4. not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality or disability.

  5. handle complaints quickly and sympathetically, and correct errors promptly.

  6. keep personal and sensitive business information confidential, and abide by the requirements of applicable data privacy and protection policies and legislation.

  7. provide appropriate training for their staff wherever possible, and encourage employees to obtain relevant qualifications and maintain their professional skills.

  8. when using a Broker to contract business on their behalf, pay the Broker an agreed commission. If a Member prefers to provide a price which does not include a commission then it will be assumed by the Broker that he has permission to establish his own price with a third party in lieu of such commission.

  9. avoid quoting differing prices for what appears to be the same business, accepting that differences will occur if proposals are differently made.

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