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Top 6 benefits of luxury private jet travel

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Flying in a luxurious private jet is both expensive and exclusive, making them the preferred choice among executives, celebrities, and VIP leisure travelers.

Flying in a luxurious private jet is both expensive and exclusive, making them the preferred choice among executives, celebrities, and VIP leisure travelers. The most frequent private flyers are jet card members, or high-net worth individuals and corporations who own their own aircraft. However, renting a private plane allows luxury travelers to experience the benefits of flying private without heavy upfront membership fees, or the ongoing costs of ownership. Operators and charter brokers offer different levels of access to private planes at thousands of airports around the world. The difference between the two? Operators may be limited to their own fleet, which is often comprised of privately owned planes, leaving them beholden to aircraft owners. Brokers, on the other hand, have access a variety of operators to create a “floating fleet”, answering only to their clients, and leveraging their buying power to offer the best deals. While their benefits and disadvantages vary, both offer the same benefits of luxury air travel. So, what are the top 6 benefits of flying in a luxury private jet?

More time to play while you’re away

Maximize your time on holiday by limiting your time in line. Your travel is expedited as you’re only expected to arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before departure – simply walk outside and board. Often known as FBO’s (Fixed-Base Operators), private terminals offer a variety of upscale travel services, provide fast take-offs and departures, and increase the security and anonymity of VIP travelers who want a little more privacy. Many FBO’s even allow you to get dropped-off right next to your plane on the tarmac. And don’t worry about your luggage, either, as a member of your flight crew will load it for you. Private jets also fly in & out of congested cities much faster than commercial planes. First, buy a first-class ticket from JFK to LAX. After you arrive, rent a private jet from LA to NYC using Van Nuys Airport (VNY) to Teterboro Airport (TEB). Then, compare the two… we’ll give you a hint: it’s not even close. There’s a reason why Van Nuys and Teterboro are the two of the busiest airports in the United States and around the world, with private jets flying between NY and LA being a major one. Simply put, flying private is the fastest way to travel, especially compared to wasting half a day (or more) at commercial airports.

Hassle-free travel – Hakuna matata

If you’re a first time private flyer, you’ll quickly discover that flying private is nothing like what you’re used to, even if you’re a regular first-class traveler. You won’t wait in any lines, you won’t go through security screenings, and you won’t have to worry about getting to second base with a TSA agent; neither will you suffer through a long, drawn out boarding process, or any other sort of bureaucracy involved with scheduled airline service. When you arrive, a staff member from the private terminal will greet you and place your bags onboard. The details of your flight will be handled well in advance – simply show your ID to the pilots (or passport for international flights), and you’ll be welcomed aboard! Upon arrival, your bags will be placed into your luxury automobile, which can also be arranged in advance, and you’re all set. Traveling in a private plane is streamlined and efficient, so you can relax and focus on the important things, like which beach to visit first, locating the best photo ops, or finding which clubs offer the hottest nightlife. So all told, what does traveling on a private jet mean? It means “no worries”.

Arrive closer to your destination

Renting a luxury plane allows you to take full control of your travel, giving you the freedom and flexibility to fly to your destination on the date & time you choose. You’ll also gain access to more than 10,000 airports worldwide, utilizing smaller airports to arrive closer to home, visit exotic islands, or travel directly to remote airports miles from the nearest commercial hub. While it may be simple to fly between Los Angeles and New York, what do you do when you’re in Rochester and want to visit the spa resorts in Sedona, or fly from the Hamptons for a round of golf in Palm Springs? There aren’t many commercial or charter airlines offering these flights, and the closest routes may have you spending the other half of your day on the road. Flying in a luxury jet allows you to travel non-stop to your preferred destination, avoiding unwanted road trips and lengthy layovers in places you don’t want to be.

Do not disturb – privacy, comfort and party time

Renting a luxury jet provides complete privacy from take-off to touchdown. Whether you prefer to blast your favorite music, smoke a cigar, crack open a bottle of your favorite wine, or join an exclusive, notorious high-elevation club – you’re free to do as you please. This especially applies to bachelor/bachelorette parties and VIP entourages flying to Vegas and starting the party before hitting the Strip: remember, whatever happens at 30,000 feet, stays at 30,000 feet. Comfort is another major benefit to flying private, with spacious, walkable cabins featuring lavish, plush interiors and many creature comforts for a more relaxed flight. Fully enclosed lavatories and wardrobes also allow you to refresh yourself before arrival. Aside from the added comfort, there’s also an array of entertainment features to enjoy, including Wi-Fi, HDTVs, gaming consoles, and professional sound systems. Many of these features can be controlled using your mobile device via the aircraft’s media management system.

Six-star service in the sky

Enjoy a stress-free experience in the sky without lifting a finger. Whether you’re chartering a large jet for a luxurious getaway with friends or a midsize plane for a romantic island getaway, professional Flight crews and attendants provide impeccable service for during your flight. Given advanced notice, your flight crew can stock whatever items you prefer or need for your flight, including special requirements or dietary restrictions. Furthermore, flight crews can decorate your luxury charter plane for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, and other special events for the ultimate luxury gift. Once in the sky, they’ll serve drinks, prepare meals, and cater to a variety of requests during your flight. And, when it comes to what’s on the menu, your options are virtually limitless – enjoy delicious steaks and seafood from five-star caterers, fruits & vegetables and cheese platters from gourmet providers, or just order a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches from the local deli.

Pet-friendly luxury travel – private jet pups > first-class furballs

Not all airlines allow pets on-board, and there are additional fees and risks involved. Pets must spend their entire flight inside the cargo hold of a commercial plane, along with handling, poor ventilation, and exposure to other animals. This can cause you just as much stress as is causes your pet, especially those with “smushed” faces and respiratory issues like Bulldogs, Pugs, and Persian Cats. We all want our pets to be as relaxed and comfortable as we are during our flights. When you charter a pet-friendly luxury plane, your furry friends are free to move around the cabin, sit alongside you on the couch, or just stare at the clouds. This allows both of you to enjoy the same levels of comfort, ideal for long flights or relocations. The only downside? They spray, you pay, and you’ll be responsible for any cleaning fees required.

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