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Our Story - Another successful charter completed.

In August 2020, a travel agent asked Geo Air Charters to help repatriate 150 workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. With cancelled scheduled flights and airport closures, the client urgently needed to charter an aircraft to fly the group from West Africa to Europe.

Aircraft: Boeing B7378-800

The client was looking for a charter solution to accommodate the large group of 150 passengers within low per seat budget and a direct flight, so we sourced Boeing B737-800 - the perfect aircraft type for the mission. Passengers with EU residency permits needed to fly back to return to their work and, due to pandemic, chartering was the only feasible solution. With government assistance granting all necessary permits, , we successfully departed on time, arranged ground transportation in the airport of arrival to deliver passengers to the city center.

Following successful completion of the first flight, we completed second flight operation to Europe, helping passengers reaching their homes.

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